Rural Education Development Meet 

Kadambathur post, Thiruvallur District, TamilNadu
Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu 631203 India.

08:00 – 05:00

India is a country with a 138 crore (1.38 billion) population which is further divided into two sections: urban and rural. The rural population of India represents 65% of the total population, around 88 crore (880 million). As of 2021, the literacy rate in rural India was around 73.5%. This includes 81% male and 65% female literacy in rural section of India. As the rural economy currently contributes to 25-30% of the country’s GDP, literacy in these parts is important for the Indian economy.

Between years 2003 to 2014, the rural literacy grew at a CAGR of approximately 3.42%. And to further increase the literacy and growth rate, the government of India has launched many initiatives such as Samagra Shiksha, Jahawar Navodaya Vidyalaya, mid-day meal schemes, digital initiatives etc. The goal of these initiatives is to increase the enrolment rate and also to encourage the already enrolled students to attend regularly.

To improve the quality of life of children in rural areas,
we organize for evening tuition under single teacher school.